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A detailed look at the statues and sculptures of Greenock Municipal BuildingsThis is a talk given by John to Inverclyde Heritage Network. 

The statues on Greenock Municipal BuildingsThis is a short version of the previous talk.

visit to the dunny under Greenock Town Hall

Inverclyde's wally closes

Oor games: Games we used to play, growing up in the Fifties.

The last of the Salveson Whalers

A Polish-Irish heritage

The wartime adventures of Joe's father-in-law, and how he met his bride.

A Port Glasgow War Hero in 1914

At an early stage of our group's activities, some of us were filmed talking about our own family history researches.

Joe: Family and education

June: Following in the footsteps

Frances: The Donnellys, an Irish family in Greenock

John McQ: A family history in photographs

Ann: What's in a name?

Grace: The comings and goings of the Mooneys

Joe: The McGeer brothers

Hugh: My family's immigration

John S: How the Smith family came to Port Glasgow


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